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Oct 11 10 8:21 PM

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Welcome! This guide contains all the information and links required to get you playing IC as quickly as possible. It's designed to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible, so bear with me through the basic parts.

Installation Instructions
1) Download all the files: (If it says "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable," don't worry; just give it a bit of time and refresh the page.)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

(You'll need WinRAR to extract the archives.)

2) Create a folder named "Impossible Creatures."
3) Use WinRAR to extract the first two parts to this folder.
4) Put engine.sga in this folder.
5) Start the game using "IC.exe" (not Impossible Creatures.exe). [1]

I recommend creating a shortcut of the IC.exe on your desktop.

General Information
This version of IC has the following mods installed: [2]
Insect Invasion 1.4
Creature Chaos 4.24
Shadow 9.24

We're currently playing on Shadow 9.25 and Creature Chaos 2.82, as these have the largest number of useable combinations. I'll upload a new version that comes with these mods soon, but for now, you'll have to install them separately:

1) SMod 9.25 can be downloaded here. To install, simply extract to IC's root directory and overwrite previous files.

2) To install CC 2.82, download CC 5.1 and install in IC's root directory. Then download CC 2.82 and install it in IC's root directory. Note that this overwrite CC 4.24, but since nobody plays it any more, it's not a big loss. To use CC 2.82, don't select Creature Chaos 2.82 on the mod screen; instead select Creature Chaos.

NB: In CC and SMod (SMod 9.24 is enabled by default), the AI is expert no matter what difficulty setting you choose. See here for information on how to change this.

Profiles and Armies
As Shadow 9.24 (SMod) is the most popular, I've provided two well-balanced armies in it that should be enough for you in your online adventures. Although it's no doubt fun to make your own army, I recommend using these online until you're capable of making an effective army. I do know a thing or two about army design, after all.

Now, the profile name is currently set to "Player0" (the default). If you want to keep the included armies you can:
1) make a new profile and copy them (details will be provided below)
2) rename the profile

1) needs no explanation; 2) does. To change the profile name only, you'll want to go to the folowing folder: Impossible Creatures/Profiles/Profile1 and open the file "name.dat" in a text editor like Notepad. This is the file that stores your profile name, so just open it and change it to what you want. Unfortunately, there is a 10 character limit.

The reason profile names are important is simple: as we are playing via LAN due to the removal of ICO (IC's dedicated online service), your profile name will be what shows up in-game. It would be rather confusing if everyone was named Player0!

Army Details

Army 1

1) Wild Dog/Rattlesnake: a strong level 2 melee unit with camouflage. It relies on smothering the opposition through sheer numbers, so you should keep on top of your macro!

2) Poison Frog/Zebra: a very powerful level 2 ranged unit.

3) Camel/Archerfish: level 2 artillery. Very useful for destroying Sound Beam Towers and enemy ranged units early game.

4) Tarantula/Lioness: a high-damage level 3 melee unit that is very good for raiding.

5) Lioness/Electric Eel: a high-damage level 3 ranged unit. Its main drawback is its low health, which makes it a bit of a glass cannon.

6) Snowy Owl/Praying Mantis: a camouflaged level 3 flier that's perfect for destroying expansion points. It has frenzy, which doubles its attack and increases its movement speed for a short period (the drawback of this is that it takes more damage from attacks).

7) Horse/Rattlesnake: another good raider at level 4. It has camouflage and can regenerate.

8) Elephant/Komodo Dragon: this is a level 5 meatshield. Its abilities give it a colossal amount of health and allow it to tank very effectively.

9) Hippopotamus/Chameleon: a level 5 ranged unit. Strong when massed and upgraded.

Army 2

1) Coyote/Armadillo: a level 2 melee unit that has a very high defence. It makes a good meatshield.

2) Walking Stick/Poison Frog: a reasonably strong level 2 ranged unit that has camouflage and regeneration. They're quite expensive in electricity, but the CoyoteArmadillos (1) are cheap in this resource, so it balances out. This is quite a versatile level 2 ranged unit that shines with proper micro (cf. the sections on "Dancing" and "Positioning").

3) Camel/Archerfish: see army 1

4) Chameleon/Termite: this is a special unit that can inflict massive damage on an enemy structure by using the infest ability. This costs its life, but as it is very cheap, that's well worth the trade.

5) Shield Bug/Komodo Dragon: a level 3 meatshield. It can regenerate and has deflection armour (this reflects some ranged attacks) and makes it very useful against ranged units.

6) Lioness/Giant Anteater: a long-ranged level 3 ranged unit. It can dig and has pack hunter, which gives it bonus damage when in groups of 4 or more.

7) Wolf/Great White Shark: a level 4 melee unit that has a high health and good attack. It should be used in conjunction with your Lioness Anteaters (6) for maximum effect.

8) Behemoth/Archerfish: this is, quite simply, the best level 5 artillery unit there is out there. It should be used to clear the path for the MooseRavens (9) by destroying Anti-Air Towers.

9) Moose/Raven: a strong level 5 flier with a very high damage. It has pack hunter and horns, making it very effective against ground units.

Online Play
You'll need Hamachi and Tunngle to play online (see below for more details). As these are both VPN (Virtual Private Network) programs, playing online is very simple. Just go to "Multiplayer" on the main menu and click on "LAN". Assuming that everything's working, available games will show up in the lobby.

Important Links
You can find some tutorials by Fiveleafclover on army design here (scroll down to the bottom of his uploaded videos). You might also want to check out the Impossible Creatures Wiki, which we're currently working on.

Here are a list of other useful links:
1) Dom's mod post.
2) Dumbass's post, which has good information on current methods of online play.
3) Download Hamachi2 here (you'll want the unmanaged version). If you prefer an older version of Hamachi, get version 1 here.
4) We're currently in the process of switching to Tunngle, which is similar to Hamachi, albeit specifically designed with games in mind. With Tunngle, you can have up to 255 online players in a network. The Impossible Creatures room is on the 5th page of the "Strategy" section, so hop in and join!

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, shoot me a PM.

See you online,


[1] The IC.exe included here is the no-cd crack version of the .exe, so you don't need to worry about having a CD.
[2] There are various installation files for the mods as well, which will be useful if you run into a problem with a mod and need to reinstall it, as you won't have to download the entire game again.


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Komodo Dress

Posts: 1,563

#4 [url]

Oct 13 10 2:03 AM

I played with Kanein and she said that she couldn't join games or change her video configuration.

She used this upload. Just a heads up. She could host fine though.

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#5 [url]

Oct 18 10 10:08 PM

QUOTE (VisserZer0 @ October 13, 2010 02:03 am)
I played with Kanein and he said that he couldn't join games or change his video configuration.

He used this upload. Just a heads up. He could host fine though.

She said lol i cant seem to change the screen to fit my comp when i go to resolution in IC it errors.

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#7 [url]

Apr 14 11 9:38 PM

QUOTE (Cyanide 3.0 @ April 14, 2011 04:29 pm)
Cannot run as util.dll was not found. Any help please?

Never heard of this problem, post a screenshot please if possible.

[QUOTE=DomSquared]One assumes that to stop something you would have to actually start it first.[/QUOTE]

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#8 [url]

Apr 15 11 12:51 AM

QUOTE (Cyanide 3.0 @ April 14, 2011 04:29 pm)
Cannot run as util.dll was not found. Any help please?

That's very strange.

Anyhow, just put this copy of util.dll in IC's root directory.


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#9 [url]

Apr 15 11 1:16 AM

QUOTE (Mut @ April 15, 2011 12:51 am)
QUOTE (Cyanide 3.0 @ April 14, 2011 04:29 pm)
Cannot run as util.dll was not found. Any help please?

That's very strange.

Anyhow, just put this copy of util.dll in IC's root directory.

Sorted everything, Brilliant download. When i rebooted my PC a load of file that were extracted appeared on the screen. So i guess it was one of those i was missing. Excellent share kind Sir!

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#11 [url]

May 1 11 9:56 PM

Not at the moment sorry will try and get some up in the future.

[QUOTE=DomSquared]One assumes that to stop something you would have to actually start it first.[/QUOTE]

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Komodo Dress

Posts: 1,563

#16 [url]

May 5 11 5:42 AM

I can sort of help with WINE. But I know fuck all about Boot Camp except that you can install WIndows on your Mac using it. Though I'd say it would be preferable to WINE because you can play online that way. You can't with WINE 'cause it hates Hamachi with a fiery burning passion.

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#20 [url]

May 5 11 8:41 PM

TemporaryICO is the network on which all the cool kids are hanging out in. Pass is "mute", obviously without the quotes.


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